Crimmins Law Firm LLC

Attorney at Law

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The Crimmins Law Firm

is dedicated to providing unparalleled dispute resolution services to both individuals and businesses. As a boutique law firm with big firm experience, the Crimmins Law Firm is uniquely situated to assist you in resolving your complex legal matters efficiently, creatively, and effectively.

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Practice Areas.

  • Business Litigation
  • Consumer Protection
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Unpaid Wages
  • Collective and Class Actions

Quality Legal Services.

The Crimmins Law Firm strives to provide you quality legal services with individualized attention not always available at larger firms. Through use of the latest technology, the Crimmins Law Firm is able to level the playing field while more efficiently handling your case. As a client, you can have access to a web-based client portal where you may obtain information or ask questions about your case, as well as have the ability to access your legal file remotely and at your convenience. Our goal is to ensure that you always have sufficient information about the legal process and the status of your matter.

Creative Solutions.

With years of experience working at nationally recognized law firms representing both individuals and businesses in trial and appellate courts across the country, at the Crimmins Law Firm, thinking “outside of the box” is the norm. Litigation can be time-consuming, expensive and exhausting. While the Crimmins Law Firm is always prepared to take your case to trial, the Crimmins Law Firm understands that you are looking for a fast and effective resolution to your dispute and will always work with you to find the best approach to resolving your matter, including through informal negotiations and mediation.

Custom Fee Arrangements.

The Crimmins Law Firm offers a variety of different fee structures, including hourly, contingency and flat fee arrangements.  The Crimmins Law Firm is committed to finding the best fee arrangement for you depending upon the facts and circumstances of your case. Contact the Crimmins Law Firm for a free and confidential consultation.